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Gail Tusan Washington

Senior Judge   Mediator   Arbitrator   Adjunct Professor   Author   Volunteer   Mentor

Welcome to my website! I am pleased you are here, and now that you are, I will share some of what matters most to me. This website was inspired by one of my favorite Bible verses, Psalm 118:24: This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

I strive for a balanced lifestyle and believe one must be intentional in the use of time.  It is important for me to give of my best self to family, church, community and beyond. While I cannot do everything I might want to all of the time, if I can make a little daily time for mindfulness, regularly enjoy time with family and friends, and prioritize time throughout  most months for helping however I can, community service, resolving disputes, teaching and mentoring, life is good in my book.


As I have shared in my Introduction in Loving Wisdom, candor and directness, humor and bold joy, and a free spirit and intentional living have served me well personally and professionally, and enabled me to be independent, feisty and successful as I endeavor to live each day to the fullest and rejoice and be glad in it.

- Gail

Loving Wisdom is a compilation of stories told from the heart. Eleven women from diverse backgrounds share their courage, hope, strength, and insight borne of love and life's transformative lessons. Loving wisdom is a living testimony to the strength and soul of women. 

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Pictured (left to right): Joan Drescher, Lois Tusan, Joyce Coleman Edwards, Nina R. Hikson,  Gail Tusan Washington, 

Bensonetta Tipton Lane, Rosalyn Roberts Mack,  Elizabeth Espy & Henrietta Stith Andrews

Each of us has a story to share - a story that is uniquely our own. Those magnificent stories highlight the truth that life is a mystery with which we seek to be in connectedness with one another.

Glean what you can from us. Be encouraged and emboldened to live guided by your inner compass and whispered wisdom. Claim your village and lean on others, as needed. Hear their wisdom whispering in your ear and surrounding you each step of the way. Put one foot in front of the other and go on with your life!

- Loving Wisdom; Wisdom Whisperers

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