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Writing under the pen name, Susan Washington, Gail Tusan Washington published two novels, Misjudged and Riley: The Judge’s Son and most recently is the lead contributing author to the anthology, Loving Wisdom, by the Wisdom Whisperers.

Loving Wisdom is a compilation of stories told from the heart. Eleven women from diverse backgrounds share their courage, hope, strength, and insight borne of love and life's transformative lessons. Loving wisdom is a living testimony to the strength and soul of women. 

"Each of us has a story to share – a story that is uniquely our own. Those magnificent stories highlight the truth that life is a mystery with which we seek to be in connectedness with one another.

Glean what you can from us. Be encouraged and emboldened to live guided by your inner compass and whispered wisdom. Claim your village and lean on others, as needed. Hear their wisdom whispering in your ear and surrounding you each step of the way.  Put one foot in front of the other and go on with your life!" - the Wisdom Whisperers


Riley Vincent, grew up in Georgia foster care. He has never had much of anything to call his own, unless one counts a recent felony conviction. Quite unexpectedly, his birth mother, Judge Suzanne Vincent, surfaces amidst his legal troubles ready to offer him shelter and the rest of her world. Riley must decide if he can grant his mother clemency for giving him up at birth.


In turn, unprepared for her son's ambivalence, Suzanne is forced to learn how to be the mother he wants, instead of the mother she assumes he must need but never had. In this coming of age story, Riley comes to understand and stake claim to his own destiny as the one who has much to give.


In her debut novel, Misjudged, Susan Washington gives her readers an insider’s view of some of the challenges of wearing a black robe. Judge Suzanne Vincent was a rising star at her Atlanta law firm when she was tapped to serve on the Atlanta District Court. Now she presides over the Family Docket where she rarely takes a break from the dysfunctional families that lawyers constantly dump into her judicial lap. Her chief judge wants her off the bench. Suzanne’s effort to keep her seat forces her to deal publicly with what some call her record of misjudgment.


Suzanne isn’t spared her own personal drama. Her grandmother’s unseemly death and mounting man issues only add to her problems. Bad gets worse when days, before she is due to be reelected an eighteen-year-old secret, turns her world upside down. Suzanne must make a far-reaching decision for which there is no legal precedent.

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